Management Consulting Case Study-Growth Strategy Case (Specialty Chemicals)

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Case scenario
The client is a $250 million division of a $7 billion Specialty Chemicals Company. The CEO believes that his company can become the fastest-growing chemical company in the world. He has asked the business units to develop and present growth strategies to him.

Key Questions
How would you determine whether the Performance Chemicals segment of your business can expand at a pace of 10%+ each year? How are you going to address this issue? What prospective growth plans and suggestions do you have for the performance chemicals sector?

Possible Recommendations / Approaches & Key Issues
Consider the market size, competition and targeted customers. For the past five years, all six companies have seen the growth of 3-4%. The expansion of these companies is being hampered by commoditization and competitive pricing pressures. It is obvious that in order to achieve the required growth, the organisation must move beyond standard product strategy. For instance, outsourcing, product-service packages, etc.

Are there any cultural barriers preventing development? Like any other chemical firm, the business has yet to look for expansion ideas, focusing only on product sales.

Create a straightforward framework to investigate growth prospects. The growth spectrum may encompass new markets, new channels, new business models, new markets, new products, and product enhancements.

  • Promote a service rather than a product
  • Become a crucial customer's go-to person
  • Achieve the status as a one-stop shop for speciality chemicals Customer-serving vendor-managed inventory system


To determine the possibility of quadrupling the Performance Chemicals group's size to $1 billion in five years, we performed a growth diagnostic on the organisation. The customer used some of the methods after accepting our Consulting's advice. Product-service bundles, outsourcing, and new markets for the available technology skills are a few of them.


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