Career Path for Strategic Consultant

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Strategic consultants act as expert advisors to assist organisations to achieve their goals or optimise operations In a specific sector of the business, such as sales, IT, finance, marketing, supply chain management, HR, operations, engineering, or security.

Working with upper management to complete the following tasks may be a consultant's responsibility:

  • Boost income and sales
  • Encourage the use of novel techniques, devices, and procedures
  • Enhance worker performance
  • Construct business plans
  • Boost organisational effectiveness
  • Implement organisational modifications, such as employee recruiting and dismissal.
  • Perform or get ready for an audit
  • Increase client happiness and customer service
  • Boost staff morale

Responsibilities of a Business/Strategic Consultant:

  • Throughout the consultation process, senior executives are met with and counselled by business consultants.
  • Determining the needs of the business and locating its shortcomings.
  • Evaluating and examining operational processes.
  • Assembling and presenting recommendations based on research.
  • Creating thorough project blueprints to guide upgrades and modifications.
  • Project management and planning for businesses.
  • Giving advice when problems, difficulties, or problematic circumstances occur.
  • Monitoring and evaluating a project's performance.

Strategic Consultant Requirements:

  • A degree in business administration or a closely related subject is necessary for business consultants.
  • Preferably, prior business consulting expertise.
  • Benefits of having an MSc or MA in a specific business subject.
  • A benefit is having certification as a management consultant.
  • Strong talents in data collecting and research.
  • Strong problem-solving and analytical abilities.
  • Understanding of various business disciplines, including marketing, IT, and human resources.
  • Excellent interpersonal, communication, and presenting abilities.
  • Expertise with Microsoft Office.
  • Familiarity with a wide range of business management tools, including word processing, asset management, CRM, and database programs

The interview process for Strategic Consultant

The interview process for positions as a strategy consultant might differ significantly from other job interviews and calls for preparation and practice.

You are given a business problem that you have to address quickly in front of the interviewer. You must organise your strategy for addressing the problem you are given, ask the interviewer for the appropriate data, rapidly and accurately compute the numbers (without a calculator), combine relevant information, and provide a recommendation. 

To perform this well, a lot of practice is required, but all the steps are highly attainable if you are prepared to put in the necessary practice time.

Career Path of Strategic Consultant

Based on their entry points, most companies offer a very organised career path for strategy consultants. In general, consultants can advance through multiple stages of employment, from entry-level to seasoned, although job titles differ amongst consulting organisations.

1.Associate | Consultant | Business Analyst

The traditional entry point for professionals in strategy consulting is at the undergraduate level. Supporting the entire consulting team, acquiring and analysing data, and producing project deliverables are all part of the job description.

2.Senior Consultant, Associate, Consultant

At this level, strategy consultants with MBAs join consulting companies and have the ability to lead teams, own functional areas, and design project deliverables in addition to conducting information analysis.

3. Project Leader | Case Team Leader

Manager-level consultants often have five or more years of experience, oversee multiple teams, manage projects, and communicate with customers. Engagement Manager | Project Leader | Case Team Leader

4.Principal or Associate Principal

Strategy consultants are in charge of managing client relationships, completing projects, supervising managers, and soliciting new business at the principal level.


This is a firm's highest level of strategy consulting, often reserved for consultants with nine years or more of expertise. Partners will manage a project portfolio, create a business strategy, retain clients, and sell work.

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