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Would you like to become a management consultant? Then you have come to the right place! Prepare for your case interview with theConsulting.io and land your dream job!



Sharpen analytical prowess with our drills: calculations, subjectivity, guesstimates, structure, and chart skills-key for acing management consulting interviews and roles.


Case Studies

Master case studies for management consulting: analyze, strategize, solve complex business scenarios, crucial for excelling in consulting roles and interviews.


Peer-to-Peer Practice Sessions

Engage in Peer-to-Peer Practice Sessions: Collaboratively tackle cases, refine problem-solving, and enhance consulting skills through interactive discussions


AI Based Performance Evaluation

Leverage AI for Performance Evaluation: Streamline assessments, gain insights, and optimize outcomes using advanced analytics for enhanced performance measurement.

Practice Drills


Mathematical Drills

Practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division to master the art of number-crunching. Increase aptitude skills with these mathematical drills, and tackle a wide range of calculations, setting the stage for success.

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Structure Drills

Interested in solving complex strategic cases, these Structural drills can help you provide the right pathway. They involve practical cases that encourage you to come up with smart solutions for real-world situations. Further, aiding you to ease your problem-solving skills for better career opportunities.

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Chart Drills

Aspiring to excel in logical reasoning, our dedicated chart drills are your key to success.Start with the fundamentals and progress to more complex chart-related problem-solving, and increase your efficiency to solve multiple questions within a said time-frame.

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Subjective Drills

Solve complex mathematical problems related to simple and compound interest, speed, time and distance with these subjective drills. Ace your skills of getting accurate results of complex mathematical problems in minutes. Combine your problem-solving skills with aptitude and be ahead of your peers.

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Guestimates Drills

Be ready with an answer to any Guesstimate during your analyst and consulting interviews. Get to know the approach with the available drills and impress your panelist by answering the right estimated answer.

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Meet Shubham Agarwal
Creator of Consulting.io

Shubham Agarwal

Shubham Agarwal

Strategy Insight & Planning Consultant
ZS - London, England, UK

Consulting is not merely my job rather it's my passion

I am the go-to person for career guidance, business consulting, and consulting training. My love and passion for consulting shine through in the diverse array of services I provide.

My journey in the consulting domain began with ProjectEd, an EdTech platform designed to revolutionize project-based learning for engineering graduates. I successfully expanded its reach to more than 30 colleges across India and co-founded Nishtya Infotech alongside Saksham Agarwal. In addition, I am proud to hold an MBA from the esteemed University of Cambridge, bringing over seven years of invaluable experience to the consulting industry.

Hear from our Students

Jane Cooper
Kushagra Agarwal

“I was struggling with quantitative aspects of management consulting until I found this website. The math drills were a lifesaver! The subjective drills improved my analytical thinking, and the structure drills taught me to approach problems systematically. It's like having a personal consultant!”

Jane Cooper
Aman Gupta

“This website is a great resource for consulting students. The chart drills helped me present data more effectively, and the subjective drills improved my problem-solving skills. However, I wish there were more advanced drills for experienced consultants.”

Jane Cooper
Tanya Singh

“This website has been a game-changer for my consulting career. The combination of mathematical, subjective, and structure drills is fantastic. It helped me build a solid foundation and improve my problem-solving skills. The chart drills were especially useful in client presentations. Highly recommended!”

Jane Cooper
Aishwarya Pandit

“I stumbled upon Consulting.io while looking for resources to sharpen my consulting skills, and it exceeded my expectations. The interactive drills are engaging, and the case studies provide a realistic view of what to expect in the consulting world.”

Jane Cooper
Riyaz mohammad

“Consulting.io increases the expectation for learning in a big way. Not only do the case studies hold relevance, but they also replicate the ever-changing landscape of management consulting. An excellent tool for students who are serious about being successful in this cutthroat industry.”

Jane Cooper
Aaradhya Sharma

“I've been using Consulting.io to learn about management consulting, and it's been a big help. The case studies are like real-life situations, not just boring stuff. If you want to do great in consulting, you should check it out.”

Jane Cooper
Sourabh Uttarwar

“It's been much more exciting to learn about management consulting because of Consulting.io. I feel like I'm getting ready for the real thing with these drills and case studies. My confidence has greatly increased as a result.”

Jane Cooper
Shivam Singhal

“Consulting.io has been the portal of choice for me as a student hoping to make a career in consulting. The case studies replicate real-world situations, and the interactive exercises simplify difficult ideas. It's similar to having a personal consultant coach helping you with the planning.”

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