Management Consulting Case Study-CD Stockouts

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Case Scenario-
Today's client is a sizable music company formed due to the merging of an American and a European corporation. With a 25% market share and $75 billion in revenue, it is now the second-largest player in the industry. The firm experienced unusually severe stockouts over the previous holiday season, which prevented its retailers from replenishing the CDs on their shelves.

What went wrong, and what is the firm doing to stop it from happening again?

The "music industry supply chain" can be structured as follows: Artists & Content, Physical Production, Distribution, and Retailers. Time, communication, and transportation costs must be factored into each "handoff" in the supply chain. There are no standard operating procedures to deal with music content providers.

We must show that we get how front-end delays and excessive process variability can cause supply chain disruptions, which eventually result in product stockouts. When there is a lot of demand, such as during the holiday shopping season, these elements are more likely to cause issues. The peculiar conditions and variety of "the creative process" need to be considered in a thorough supply chain management procedure.

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By Vandana Gaur

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